Episode 1: Ted and Julia Robillos

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More often than not, one of the most inspiring stories comes from a well distinguished person in our world, but made greater by God’s humbling purpose.

Ted and Julia Robillos grew up in challenging circumstances but were able to climb up the ladder to success. However, God’s will is something one could only hope to fathom, and their eyes were opened by situations that to a mere human, is simply inescapable. Their businesses were suffering from bankruptcy, debts up to their necks and lawsuits about to happen. But then, a sliver of hope suddenly appeared.

It was after many sleepless nights in June, 2000, that Ted was lazily slumped on the sofa, drinking the remaining half of his favorite brandy and smoking his second cigarette pack, when he reached for the remote control and found himself stuck on Channel 13’s full telecast of “Friends Again”.   On another occasion, his wife, Julia, saw the 2 a.m. replay of the same episode.  “As if in harmony, God used this TV program to call us to His ministry”, he recalls.  A little past 8 am on that same day, they both saw the regular telecast of “Friends Again”. The message to them was clear and simple, “Accept Jesus and you will be restored to Eden”.  So on the night of June 28, 2000, Ted dragged his wife to attend the “Businessmen and Professionals Fellowship” (now called “Achievers Business Club”) held at Kowloon Restaurant along West Avenue in Quezon City.  Upon listening to the Word of God, the couple made a decision and both have received the baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. That was the beginning of their wonderful relationship with God. Everything else that followed was a roller coaster ride of exciting moments with God while He started the restoration of their lives. Now both active in God’s ministry, Bro. Ted and Sis. Julia are now active members of the Ambassadors for Christ and he, after 10 full years of quitting basketball, played again with an advanced group called Young at Heart, which gives him immense enjoyment as well as spiritual uplifting.

Today and each day that they spend their life as God’s children, a different story unfolds, adding new hues, values and intensity to the colors of their Christian sojourn.

We have been recently blessed by God immensely with financial restoration and we fully understand our purpose for His business. Once again, it’s like being drafted to an all star cast, only this time, we not only have a role but we also have the championship aspiration as well as inspiration from God”, concluded Bro. Ted.